[WATCH] DINOSAUR JR.: ‘Pierce The Morning Rain’ (ft. James Urbaniak, Henry Rollins)

Pierce the Morning Rain

Dinosaur Jr. go the indie-comedian route again in their new I Bet on Sky video for ‘Pierce the Morning Rain’, following the Tim Heidecker-starring ‘Watch the Corners‘. Directed by Scott Jacobson, the clip stars James Urbaniak (The Venture BrosAmerican Splendor) as a suburban dad who takes his audiophile hobby a bit too far. Comedienne Maria Bamford features as his disapproving wife, and outspoken fan Henry Rollins appears as a violent fantasy figure. The group — currently on tour — don’t appear at all, but you can catch a cameo from frontman J Mascis on next week’s episode of Portlandia (see below).

Dinosaur Jr. will perform in Auckland on March 5.

Watch the video for ‘Pierce the Morning Rain’ below (via P4K).


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