[WATCH] PORTLANDIA Season 3 clip: “Spoiler alert!”


Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s sketch comedy show Portlandia has been particularly genius when it comes to skewering first world problems — specifically in the niche world of 30-something hipsters — and a hilarious new clip recently released by IFC proves the imminent third season is no exception. Battlestar Galactica obsessives Doug (Armisen) and Claire (Brownstein) throw a dinner party and discuss some of the most popular TV shows with another couple — including Breaking BadGame of ThronesMad MenThe Wire, and Homeland — and they can’t help but divulge some major spoilers, much to their friends’ chagrin. It’s another great sketch that once again manages to be right on the money — you probably want to be careful if you’re not up to date on the aforementioned spoilers — and I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s double episode premiere. The duo have another incredible roster of guest stars lined up for this season, including Matt Berry (The I.T. Crowd), Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids), Dirty Projectors, J Mascis, Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers), Patton Oswalt (Young Adult), Roseanne Barr and more.

Portlandia season three premieres with two episodes back to back on January 4 in the US. Watch the “Spoiler Alert” clip below.

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