[WATCH] Mandy Patinkin talks HOMELAND & terrorism on COLBERT + sings with Michael Stipe

Mandy Patinkin TCR

Veteran stage, film and television actor Mandy Patinkin stopped by The Colbert Report tonight to promote his current show Homeland, which airs its Season Two finale in a few days time. After discussing his terrific character Saul Berenson and that trademark beard, Colbert brought up the touchy subject of terrorism and Patinkin launched into a fiery tirade about peace in the Middle East that pretty much derailed the entire interview. There seemed to be no hard feelings though, as the actor returned in the final segment to sing the traditional Christmas carol ‘Good King Wenceslas’ with Colbert and regular guest Michael Stipe.

Watch Mandy Patinkin on The Colbert Report below.

Watch Mandy Patinkin, Michael Stipe and Stephen Colbert sing ‘Good King Wenceslas’ below.

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