[WATCH] Trailer #2 for Gore Verbinski’s THE LONE RANGER


A new theatrical trailer has surfaced for Gore Verbinski’s 2013 tentpole flick The Lone Ranger, which Disney are hoping will be their next Pirates of the Caribbean. This time around we get to see how Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp’s characters meet, an action-packed (and reportedly very expensive) train sequence, and some pretty weird horse gags. The tone is a little uneven here, combining the darkness of the first trailer with some of the broad humour more akin to the Pirates films, but the cinematography is impressive and with a strong supporting cast on board — including Tom Wilkinson, Ruth Wilson, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, Helena Bonham-Carter and James Badge Dale — as well as a score from Jack White, I’m certainly intrigued to see how The Lone Ranger turns out.

UPDATE: Jack White is no longer scoring the film. He has been replaced by Hans Zimmer.

The Lone Ranger opens June 26 in NZ. Watch the full theatrical trailer below (via The Playlist).

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