[LISTEN] BJÖRK: ‘bastards’ + ‘Mutual Core’ video

Next week Björk will release her Biophilia remix album bastards, which features work by Death Grips, Hudson Mohawke, Matthew Herbert, Omar Souleyman, These New Puritans, El Guincho and others. The compilation is available to stream now and that’s the artwork above by Andrew Thomas Huang, who has also directed a new video for the Biophilia track ‘Mutual Core’. The colourful, beguiling clip features Björk up to her waist in sand as surreal, rocky creatures float, mutate and explode around her. Huang manages to incorporate his bastards artwork into the nonsensical visuals at one point, and the video is yet another visually impressive and completely messed up addition to the Icelandic innovator’s peerless catalogue.

bastards is out November 19. Stream it below (via The Guardian).

Watch the video for ‘Mutual Core’ below.

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