Following last week’s Fallon appearance, Morrissey paid a visit to The Colbert Report tonight ahead of his headlining set at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall. The interview was a true meeting of the minds, with the notoriously humourless Morrissey being prodded by Stephen Colbert about his disdain for the royal family, being called a “legend”, the possibility of a Smiths reunion, and his staunch veganism. The entire thing was hilariously awkward — especially Colbert’s mock Johnny Marr surprise — and was followed by a performance of ‘People Are the Same Everywhere’, with Morrissey’s band all wearing T-shirts labelled “MUGGER”, as well as a web exclusive run-through of ‘I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris’.

Morrissey will be in New Zealand for one Auckland show at Vector Arena on December 15.

Watch Morrissey on The Colbert Report below.

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