[WATCH] SIGUR ROS: ‘Ekki Múkk’ (ft. Aidan Gillen)

Sigur Rós’ ongoing Valtari Mystery Film Experiment has gifted us with some pretty strange and fascinating material so far — including a guide on choking preventionnaked Shia LeBeouf, a golden hour tribute to New York, and an animated tale of body horror — but the latest for ‘Ekki Múkk’ probably takes the cake. The 10-minute clip from director Nick Abrahams stars Irish actor Aidan Gillen (The Wire, Game of Thrones, Shadow Dancer) as a man on a magical journey through an English field, featuring a talking snail (voiced by folk singer Shirley Collins) and an injured fox. According to Abrahams, “this short is something of a taster for a feature film I have in development”, and if it’s as gorgeously-shot as this intriguing clip than I’m definitely on board.

Watch the video for ‘Ekki Múkk’ below (via Stereogum).

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