[LISTEN] THE MOUNTAIN GOATS: ‘Transcendental Youth’

Indie-folk heroes The Mountain Goats are set to follow-up last year’s impressive All Eternals Deck next week with their 14th LP Transcendental Youth. We’ve previously heard the bouncy first single ‘Cry For Judas‘, as well as seen stripped-back solo performances of ‘Harlem Roulette‘ and ‘In Memory of Satan‘ by group mastermind John Darnielle, and now you can stream the entire album courtesy of Rolling Stone. While the singer-songwriter’s urgent and distinctly high-pitch delivery coupled with dark tales of outcasts remains unchanged, this record marks a departure for Darnielle, who has incorporated a full horn section for the first time in his career. On first listen this addition is a refreshing one, and Transcendental Youth continues The Mountain Goats’ consistently great string of releases since 2005’s The Sunset Tree, but as always it will take many more listens to digest Darnielle’s tangled lyrics.

Transcendental Youth is out October 4. Stream it below (via Rolling Stone).

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    […] have released a striking new video for ‘Cry For Judas’, the first from their new LP Transcendental Youth. The clip offers an emotional journey through youthful curiousity, including young love, a garage […]

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