[LISTEN] JENS LEKMAN: ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’

Swedish singer-songwriter/indie pop crooner Jens Lekman returns next week with I Know What Love Isn’t, which follows-up last year’s An Argument With Myself EP and marks his first full-length album since 2007’s impeccable Night Falls Over Kortedala. Lekman previously released the great singles ‘Erica America’ and ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’ — which you can find videos for below — and now the entire album is available to stream. On first listen, this is another charming and elegant release from Lekman, featuring the kind of introspective and delightfully self-deprecating lyrics we expect of him by now, although with a newly cohesive narrative, as he explained recently to NPR:

I Know What Love Isn’t is my debut album. After spending a decade making records of loosely connected stories and sounds I finally made an album with one story instead of ten. A story that is not new, but essentially human. The story of the grey areas of love that you have to excavate and explore, using the process of elimination, to maybe not find out what love is, but at least get a bit closer.” 

I Know What Love Isn’t is out September 4. Stream it below (via P4K).

Watch the Marcus Söderlund-directed videos for ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’ and ‘Erica America’ below.

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    […] chamber pop star Jens Lekman made his US TV debut. He was there in support of his great recent LP I Know What Love Isn’t, performing the catchy title track in all its charming wonder (and donning a rather awful fat). […]

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