[LISTEN] JJ DOOM: ‘Key To The Kuffs’

DOOM and Jneiro Janel’s collaborative LP as JJ DOOM — Key to the Kuffs — is out this week. We’ve previously heard four great album tracks, and now you can stream the entire LP below. The underground rap icon/supervillain has been living in London — his city of birth — for the past two years following an immigration issue in his native America, and this change of scenery has informed his humourous lyrics on tracks such as ‘Rhymin Slang’ and ‘Guv’nor’. DOOM and his experimental producer are joined by some high-profile English guests, including Damon Albarn (Blur) on ‘Bite the Thong’, Beth Gibbons (Portishead) on ‘GMO’ and Khujo Goodie (Goodie Mob) on ‘STILL KAPS’, but the titular duo remain the focus throughout this impressive and consistent album. DOOM remains one of the greatest rappers alive, and while Key to the Kuffs doesn’t quite stand up to the strongest entries in his fine back catalogue (Madvillainy, Operation: Doomsday, Born Like This) it’s a joy to have his unique and rather unprolific voice back.

Key to the Kuffs is out today. Stream it below (via The Guardian).

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