[LISTEN] JJ DOOM: ‘Rhymin Slang’ + ‘Winter Blues’

Cult-rap legend DOOM and Willie Isz producer Jneiro Jarel have teamed up on a collaborative LP titled Key to the Kuffs, which is due later this month. We first heard the duo team up on Lex Records Complex LP late last year, on a track called ‘Rhymin Slang‘ which appeared as a remix by Dave Sitek. That original track has now surfaced, as have a few other fantastic album tracks over the past few months, including the single ‘Banished’, the free-associating ‘Guv’nor’, and a BBC Radio 4 live take of ‘Winter Blues’, which can all be found below. As if Key to the Kuffs weren’t already exciting enough, the album will feature appearances from Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, Khujo Goodie, Boston Fielder and Damon Albarn.

Key to the Kuffs is out August 21. Listen to ‘Rhymin Slang’, ‘Winter Blues’ live on BBC Radio 4, ‘Guv’nor’ and ‘Banished’ below (via Stereogum).

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    […] LP as JJ DOOM – Keys to the Kuffs – is out this week. We’ve previously heard four great album tracks, and now you can stream the entire LP below. The underground rap icon/supervillain has been living […]

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