[LISTEN] BEST COAST: ‘The Only Place’

Californian surf-pop band Best Coast will release their sophomore LP The Only Place next week on May 15. We’ve heard the catchy title track already, but now you can stream the entire album thanks to NPR. Producer and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Jon Brion, who helped deliver brilliant sophomore albums for Fiona Apple (When the Pawn) and Kanye West (Late Registration), is the man behind the reigns here. While The Only Place is nowhere near as impressive or ambitious as either of those albums, Brion does nudge Bethany Cosentino toward something a little more refined, diverse and tighter than her 2010 breakthrough Crazy For You. Cosentino’s songwriting displays some signs of growth, such as on the gorgeous five-minute album closer ‘Up All Night’ (her lyrics still leave much to be desired), and Brion’s sparkly production complements her songs nicely without ever overwhelming them. On first listen, The Only Place feels like a grower, although I can’t help but miss the haze of Crazy For You.

Stream The Only Place below (via NPR).

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[LISTEN] BEST COAST: ‘The Only Place’

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