[Watch] BRIDESMAIDS Extended Scene: ‘The Longest Argument Ever’

Bridesmaids was one of the best films this year, and easily the funniest comedy in a long time. If you haven’t seen the film, watch it already! For those who have, chances are you remember the hilarious scene where disgruntled jewelry store clerk Annie (star/writer Kristen Wiig) has an exchange of insults with a stuck up teenage customer (Mia Frampton). A 10-minute extended cut of the scene has been made available to promote the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of Bridesmaids, and the improvised back-and-forth is an absolute treat for fans of Wiig.

Watch ‘The Longest Argument Ever’ below (via Slashfilm). [Warning: the clip features some salty language toward the end]

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  1. Carl Wong

    Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/wo5YbBb1fD8

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