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[WATCH] Red-band trailer for raunchy, star-studded anthology MOVIE 43

Anthology films are usually limited to somewhat artful endeavours for cinephiles — Three Extremes, Paris, Je t’aime, To Each His Own Cinema — but that’s about to change with Movie 43, an R-rated comedy anthology overseen by Peter Farrelly and boasting an enormously diverse cast of Hollywood stars as well as some intriguing directors. Made up of twenty segments from a …

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[WATCH] New CLOUD ATLAS trailer offers more footage

Ahead of its upcoming world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, a new theatrical trailer has been released for Cloud Atlas, the epic adaptation of David Mitchell’s best-selling sci-fi novel by the Washowskis and Tom Tykwer. We’ve previously seen a six-minute trailer which showcased the film’s ridiculous ambition, arresting visuals and all-star cast — including Tom …

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[WATCH] Ridiculously ambitious & visually arresting 6-minute first trailer for Tom Tykwer & the Wachowski’s CLOUD ATLAS

The first trailer and images have surfaced for Cloud Atlas, the adaptation of David Mitchell’s acclaimed 2004 novel by Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer. The nearly six-minute trailer (appropriately lengthy for a 164-minute film) gives us our first look at the film’s eclectic cast, which includes Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Sturgess, Ben Whishaw, Jim Broadbent, Hugh …

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