Win a doppelgänger Blu-ray prize pack

The Double-Enemy

Two of the year’s most intriguing and enigmatic films — Richard Ayoade’s The Double and Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy — dealt with the discovery of a doppelgänger, so it’s only fitting that they should be given away together. For those who missed either at the NZ International Film Festival, both come highly recommended — Ayoade’s film is a wonderfully stylised and frequently hilarious head-trip with Jesse Eisenberg in great form, while Villeneuve’s is the more cerebral and creepy of the two, starring the increasingly impressive Jake Gyllenhaal. A Fistful of Culture has three Blu-ray prize packs available thanks to Madman and you can find the competition details below.


This competition is now closed.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: This competition is only open to people with a New Zealand postal address. Entries are limited to one per person each day. Winners will be notified via email.

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