[WATCH] Steve Coogan brings his most famous character to the big screen in the first trailer for ALAN PARTRIDGE: ALPHA PAPA

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa

A-Ha! After testing the waters in recent years with a stand-up tour, web series (Mid Morning Matters) and book (I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan), Steve Coogan’s best-loved character Alan Partridge — the star of seminal ’90s series Knowing Me, Knowing You and I’m Alan Partridge — is finally heading to the big screen this August. Co-written by Coogan and Partridge veterans Armando Iannucci, Rob and Neil Gibbons plus Peter Baynham (Borat), and directed by Declan Lowney, the film finds Alan getting involved in a hostage crisis at his radio station after a co-worker (Colm Meaney) snaps when he is laid off. Naturally Alan sees the tense situation as an opportunity for self promotion, and much hilarity no doubt ensues. The supporting cast is populated by recognisable UK comedy faces, including Darren Boyd, Nigel Lindsay, Jessica Knappett, Anna Maxwell Martin, Felicity Montagu and Tim Key. This first trailer is rather promising — certainly better than a Mr Bean-esque “Alan goes to America” — and it looks as though Coogan and co. are shooting for something more cinematic than a feature-length episode of the earlier shows, so fingers crossed it works.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa opens August 9 in the UK. Watch the first trailer below.

UPDATE: A New Zealand release date has been set for December 5.

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