[WATCH] Trippy, violent red band trailer for Danny Boyle’s TRANCE

Vincent Cassel Trance

A new film from Danny Boyle is always something to look forward to, and last month’s excellent first trailer for Trance quickly shot his latest effort toward the top of my most anticipated films of 2013 list. A new red band trailer arrived today and it ups the ante on the violence as well as some of the trippy content we’ve been seeing in the posters recently (see below). James McAvoy’s art-auctioneer-turned-criminal-with-memory-loss undergoes hypnotherapy with Rosario Dawson in this new trailer, and we see some wonderfully stylised glimpses of his memories and dreams — including one particularly Cronenberg-esque shock with Vincent Cassel’s character. Between these two drastically different trailers we now have a pretty good idea of the film’s story and tone, and I’m getting very excited for this one.

Trance opens March 27 in the UK, April 4 in NZ, and April 5 in the US. Check out the red band trailer and some recent posters below (via The Playlist).

Trance poster 3

Trance poster 1 Trance Poster 2 Trance teaser poster

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