[WATCH] Ominous trailer for Warren Ellis’ new novel GUN MACHINE

Gun Machine

One of my all-time favourite comic authors is Warren Ellis, the man responsible for such modern classics as TransmetropolitanThe Authority and Planetary, and perhaps best known widely as the creator of Red. After branching out in 2007 with his first novel Crooked Little Vein to great success, Ellis is now returning with another dark crime story titled Gun Machine. This new novel follows a detective who stumbles upon a cache of guns, each of which leads to a different unsolved murder. It sounds terrific — 20th Century Fox clearly agree, already snapping up the TV rights — and I’m looking forward to checking it out. In the meantime, Ellis has commissioned Brooklyn photographer/filmmaker Siege (a.k.a. Clayton Cubitt) to create an atmospheric trailer for the book, and it certainly sets an appropriately ominous mood.

Gun Machine is available now. Watch the trailer below (via Vulture).

Gun Machine Warren Ellis

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