Toronto electro-goth duo Crystal Castles released their much-anticipated third LP this week, another self-titled effort which follows up 2010’s excellent (II). We’ve previously heard the relentless, gripping opening track ‘Plague‘ — which also received a fan-video treatment recently that has since become the official clip — and now you can stream the entire album. After a few listens, I’m certainly digging it — ‘Affection’ and ‘Insulin’ are immediate standouts — and (III) continues their consistent and uncompromising run, whilst practically going out of its way not to capitalise on their growing fanbase by doubling down on the bleak. It might not quite be on the same level as (II), but this is undoubtedly an impressive release and I’m looking forward to hearing how these heavily processed tracks sound live when they hit Auckland in January.

(III) is out now. Stream it below (via Stereogum)

Watch the video for ‘Plague’ below.

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    […] Castles have released a video for ‘Sad Eyes’, a highlight from their recent LP (III). Directed by Rob Hawkins and Marc Pannozzo, the typically dark and creepy clip was shot in Berlin […]

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