[WATCH] Intriguing trailer for Argentine thriller EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN starring Viggo Mortensen

The first English-subtitled trailer has surfaced for Ana Piterbarg’s Argentinian thriller Everybody Has a Plan (Todos Tenemos Un Plan), starring Viggo Mortensen. The Spanish-language film stars Mortensen as a frustrated man who decides to adopt the identity of his recently deceased twin brother and return to their childhood home for a fresh start. However, he soon finds himself caught up in the dangerous criminal world in which his brother operated. Mortensen looks remarkably capable at handling the Spanish dialogue, and in this trailer we get to see him share a scene with himself, which is always interesting. Everybody Has a Plan is produced by the same team behind last year’s Academy Award-winning The Secret in Their Eyes — and features the same co-stars in Soledad Vallamil and Javier Godino — and as an admirer of both that film and Mortensen, I’m hoping for an inspired collaboration here.

Watch the first trailer for Everybody Has a Plan below (via Collider).

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