[WATCH] Riveting first trailer for Robert Redford’s THE COMPANY YOU KEEP

The first trailer has been released for Robert Redford’s upcoming political thriller The Company You Keep, which stars the man himself alongside Shia LeBeouf and Susan Sarandon. The film follows a former member of the violent activist/terrorist organisation The Weather Underground (Redford), who has to go on the run after over 30 years in hiding when a former colleague (Sarandon) is arrested for a bank robbery gone wrong back in the 1970s. Hot on his trail is an ambitious young journalist (LeBeouf), not to mention the FBI. Working from a script by Lem Dobbs (The Limey, Haywire), Redford has gathered a remarkably prestigious ensemble cast here — including Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Brendan Gleeson, Terrence Howard, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick, Brit Marling, Stanley Tucci, Nick Nolte, and Chris Cooper — and based on this trailer it looks as though he has struck the ideal balance between genre thrills and political musings. Redford is coming off the back of a couple of flops as director (The Conspirator, Lions For Lambs) — I would argue he hasn’t made a decent film since ’94s Quiz Show — but The Company You Keep looks very promising. Let’s hope it can channel the classic political thrillers of the ’70s, such as his popular vehicles All the President’s Men and Three Days of the Condor.

The Company You Keep will premiere at Venice and then make its way to TIFF. Watch the first trailer below (via The Playlist).

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