[WATCH] FEISTODON: ‘A Commotion’

Feist and Mastodon joined forces on an unlikely split single dubbed “Feistodon” for Record Store Day back in April, with both artists covering a recent song from the other with awesome results. Feist tackled Mastodon’s The Hunter single ‘Black Tongue‘, and Mastodon took on Feist’s ‘A Commotion‘. An interactive video for the latter track has been released, directed by Vice Cooler, featuring Leslie Feist rocking out to the song. The interactive version allows you to toggle the audio between the Mastodon cover or the Metals original, and you can check it out at listentofeist.com or mastodonrocks.com. Alternately, you can watch the non-interactive clip below.

Watch the video for ‘A Commotion’ below (via Stereogum).

Listen to Feist cover ‘Black Tongue’ below.

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