Who could have imagined that Matthew McConaughey would be one of the most exciting actors of 2012? I had all but given up on him prior to The Lincoln Lawyer, and now here we are, faced with three great back-to-back performances from the man. Following great supporting turns in Richard Linklater’s Bernie and Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike, we’re about to witness a complete reinvention of the charming Texan in William Friedkin’s highly-anticipated Killer Joe, which is about to hit US screens and I’m looking forward to seeing next week at the NZ International Film Festival. McConaughey visited The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to discuss his recent decision to take on more challenging roles, as well as his unusually gaunt appearance (which is in preparation for his upcoming role in The Dallas Buyer’s Club – yet another promising indie venture).

Watch Matthew McConaughey on The Daily Show below.

Watch a new clip from Killer Joe below.

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