[LISTEN] PURITY RING: ‘Shrines’ + ‘Fineshrine’ video

Internet-famous Montreal synthpop duo Purity Ring are set to release their much-anticipated debut LP Shrines next week, and you can now stream the album in its entirety courtesy of NPR. The group’s ultra-modern blend of washy, chillwave synths, throbbing cloud-rap beats, and Megan James’ cooing voice make them every bit as definitively “sound of 2012” as fellow Canadian electro pioneer Grimes. Corin Roddick’s warped beats and intriguing arrangements provide an ever-shifting landscape for James’ often twisted vocals to float over as she details some menacing imagery with girlish sweetness. The best example of this is their terrific recent single ‘Fineshrine’, in which she beckons, “Cut open my sternum and pull my little ribs around you.” On first listen, this is a stellar, fully-realised debut album from a talented duo with big things ahead of them. Purity Ring released a sumptuous, excellent Young Replicant-directed video recently for ‘Fineshrine’ which you can also find below.

Shrines is out 7/24. Stream it below (via NPR).

Watch the new video for ‘Fineshrine’ below.

Watch Purity Ring’s earlier, BREWER-directed video for ‘Bellspeak’ below.

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    […] Ring have released a video for ‘Lofticries’, the second from their impressive debut LP Shrines. Directed by AG Rojas – the man behind Jack White’s ‘Sixteen Saltines‘ […]

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