English space-rockers Spiritualized returned this year with the excellent Sweet Heart Sweet Light, perhaps their finest album since 1997’s masterpiece Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space. The redux 2009 reissue and subsequent tour of that classic album seems to have inspired band leader Jason Pierce, or as he puts it, “If I’m going to make new music now, it better be fucking good.” Sweet Heart Sweet Light certainly is that; it’s a refinement of everything the group does well, and so far it’s spawned two great singles in ‘Hey Jane’ and ‘Little Girl’. The former was given a powerfully dramatic, NSFW treatment by director AG Rojas a while back, telling the story of a transgender woman struggling to get by, while the latter “follows the story of a young female runaway who steals her dad’s money and motorcycle to escape the god-forsaken, post-Soviet demise small town in which she lives.” ‘Little Girl’ was directed by Vincent Haycock and stars UK stuntwoman Chesca Miles, and it’s another great bummer clip. Since I’ve been so slack at keeping up with Spiritualized of late, I’ve also included below their recent Letterman performance as well as their awesome +1 performance/interview for Pitchfork.tv below.

Watch the video for ‘Little Girl’ below (via P4K).

Watch Spiritualized perform on Late Night with David Letterman below.

Watch the NSFW video for ‘Hey Jane’ below.

Watch Spiritualized perform ‘Hey Jane’ for Pitchfork.tv’s +1 series below.

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