[WATCH] RADIOHEAD debut 2 new songs in Miami

Radiohead kicked off their American arena tour with a notable performance in Miami earlier this week. It was notable not only for its awesome 24-song setlist (see below), but for its inclusion of two brand new tracks, a never-before-performed OK Computer b-side, and Thom Yorke’s new ponytail! The first new track is a disorienting, percussive number called ‘Identikit’, while the second is a quieter track called ‘Cut a Hole’. Fan-shot footage with decent audio for both tracks has surfaced online already, as did a clip of the group performing ‘Meeting in the Aisle’ for the first time ever. Following this week’s frenzy over tickets for Radiohead’s forthcoming Auckland show, this news will either please or depress New Zealand fans no end (depending on whether you were lucky enough to score tickets), but I’m letting my expectations soar sky-high for their long-awaited return.

Check out the setlist from Radiohead’s performance at Miami’s American Airlines Arena earlier this week below:

01 “Bloom”
02 “The Daily Mail”
03 “Morning Mr. Magpie”
04 “Staircase”
05 “The National Anthem”
06 “Meeting In The Aisle”
07 “Kid A”
08 “The Gloaming”
09 “Codex”
10 “You And Whose Army?”
11 “Nude”
12 “Identikit”
13 “Lotus Flower”
14 “There There”
15 “Feral”
16 “Idioteque”
17 “Separator”
18 “Airbag”
19 “Bodysnatchers”
20 “Cut A Hole”
21 “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”
22 “Give Up The Ghost”
23 “Reckoner”
24 “Karma Police”
(via Setlist.fm)

Watch Radiohead perform ‘Identikit’ below (via COS).

Watch Radiohead perform ‘Cut a Hole’ below.

Watch Radiohead perform ‘Meeting in the Aisle’ below.

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